On the streets of Brunei, an average man walked past an abandoned home, expecting it to be just that, aller sur le site abandoned. What he discovered was a family who had nothing and needed help. This family had a child that was suffering from muscular dystrophy and desperately in need of medical care. After that encounter, the man took it upon himself to bring the child to a rehabilitation center every Friday.

To this child, heroes existed.

Through this very experience, the man found his calling and realised he could make a difference.

Birthed from the founder’s desire to combine his passion for philanthropy with sports and leisure, Heroes Events was created to help those in need. Their mission is to bring the community together and change the world through kindness.

This mission began with a charity run in Brunei. The community responded passionately, making it a resounding success. On that day, everyone was a hero. The event marked the start of a movement that inspired the organization to continue their endeavour. A string of outstanding events including The Nepal Earthquake Run and The Justice League Superhero Run, had a combined turn out of 5500 and proceeds of $63,000 for their respective charities.

This led to the desire to explore new frontiers, both geographically and conceptually. Heroes Events will be bringing Slide the City to Singapore in Q4 of 2016, with the promise of bringing summer fun to the city streets of the Lion City. As their largest event to date, with an expected turnout of 24,000 people and 10% of proceeds going to charity, Heroes Events hopes to push the boundaries and continue this positive community movement.

With that, Heroes Events is constantly searching for those who want to join the movement. Whether you want to be a volunteer or a business partner, we invite you to be a part of our mission.

The world needs you. Be a hero.